My name is Josh Martin or Jawsmartin or Jaws Martin. I'm a professional experienced Graphic Designer, web designer, Illustrator, and Front-End Developer currently working in Chicago, Illinois (I'm from Pittsburgh / Latrobe, Pennsylvania. I went to school at Edinboro University.

Josh Martin Design and Illustration
UI/UX Design, Illustration, Branding, Print Design 2013-Present

I came into Chicago-based, local news aggregation startup, Aggrego, as a UI/UX Designer, then moved into a product designer/jack-of-all-trades role. I design the UI/UX of our websites and mobile apps, help with website front-end development, create product logos, make illustrations/iconography, and handle print work, such as business cards and flyers.

Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Aggrego Ellipse News Template
News Template Ellipse View Project
Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Aggrego Loop News
Loop News (Alt) View Project
Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Aggrego Pioneer Press Template Redesign
Pioneer Press Template Redesign View Project
Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Aggrego Stream News Template
News Template Stream View Project
Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Aggrego Meadow News Template
News Template Meadow View Project
Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Aggrego Strata News Template
News Template Strata View Project
Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Aggrego Data Managing Tools
Data Managing Tools View Project
Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Aggrego Rebranding
Aggrego Rebranding View Project
UI/UX Design, Front-End Development, Illustration 2013

I came into Chicago-based, Residential Energy Marketplace startup, Power2Switch, as an intern, but quickly moved into a full-time position as a designer and front-end developer. Projects include: redesigning & developing the company website, email design, business pitches, banner ads, and site/blog illustrations. I left Power2switch after it was acquired by rival energy retailer, Choose Energy, but continued to work with them in a freelance capacity.

Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Power2Switch Website Redesign
Power2Switch Website Redesign View Project
Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Power2Switch ChooseEnergy ChoosePlug
ChoosePlug Bidding Platform View Project
Illustration, UI/UX Design, Branding, Front-End Development 2012-Present

I began freelancing professionally after college to make extra income. While I love the freedom freelancing offers, managing clients can be exhausting, and as such, I take on freelance projects sparingly. Projects that require illustrations and logos are my favorites. Basically, I love anything that is interesting and/or very different from my normal UI/UX 9-5 job. I frequently freelance for friends and co-workers, too.

Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Lisa Cotten Logo
Lisa Cotten Logo View Project
Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Flirt Communications Illustrations
Flirt Comm. Spot Illustrations View Project
Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Hummingbird Logo
Hummingbird Logo View Project
Personal Projects
Illustration, UI/UX Design, Branding, Front-End Development 2012-Present

I spend a great deal of time working on side/personal projects; it's a way for me to not only practice, but more importantly, stay creatively-satisfied. As a predominately UI/UX designer, both in-house and in freelance, there's not much wiggle room to be creative, unfortunately. Usually, the combination of deadlines and team voices/opinions make for a more or less cookie-cutter approach to projects: tried and true methods/design patterns, trends take precendence. This results in creating not-so original/inspiring work. I like to spend as much time as I can making sure I can explore what makes me most happy in my field, which is being bold and doing a wide variety of design, such as illustration, print, and and animation.

Josh Martin Jawsmartin | Bbbench
Bbbench Artist Bookmarking View Project
Want to work together?

If you think I'd be a good fit for a project you have, don't hesitate to connnect! Shoot me an email at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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